Getting Started

Understanding the complexities of designing and building a successful and profitable agriculture facility is often the most daunting challenge for a farmer or investor in a new facility. This is particularly true of the Cannabis industry where there aren’t many experts to call upon for professional and reliable advice.

Over the past 7 years, the iGROW365 team has developed the experience and created the relationships necessary to help guide our customers through this complex and often times nerve-wracking process. As the industry moves towards more sophisticated and larger scale production models, working with an experienced team of professionals becomes that much more important.

A successful business plan will require the expertise of numerous professionals and the iGROW365 team gives our clients access to contractors, architects, and engineers well-seasoned in building cannabis specific facilities. The iGROW365team will also enthusiastically work with your project team to navigate through this complicated process to achieve a successful result.

From economic feasibility studies, to detailed design drawings, we will make sure that you have the information needed to move forward with confidence and know that we will be with you throughout. When you work with the iGROW365 team of professionals, we ensure you get the specific services you need in designing your new or existing greenhouse or commercial building.

Download the Scope of Work Contract (Fill-in-form) to view the specific services that are available to you and your business.

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Download the Farmer Questionnaire (fill-in-form) to obtain a Completely Customized Direct Cost Estimate.

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